Tuesday, June 30, 2020

It is time...

It is time…

It is a time of huge change.. . it is a time of upheaval... It is a time of pain... It is a time of healing...  And most important of all it is a time of huge opportunity...

So many of us get stuck in fear and anxiety, especially when we need to make decisions that will have an impact on others.  At the same time, we know that change is actually healthy.  It allows us to think differently, it allows us to look at other perspectives and if managed with care and consideration can be hugely empowering for those who are impacted by these decisions.

It can be particularly painful when, as the owner of a small business, you need to make decisions about the people who have become your “family”.  And often what we don’t really realise is that the decisions made are usually the right ones for all who are impacted.  Perhaps we all need to trust a little more – trust ourselves, trust in life and trust that everything is always working out for us. 

It is healthy for a business and for the individuals to have this cycle of joining and leaving a company. It mirrors the flow of life, things shift and change, people bring in new ideas and new perspectives, or they take their ideas and perspective elsewhere, where they may be needed.  It is somewhat like the seasons, there is this ebb and flow and subtle constant change which allows the business to seed, grow, blossom, harvest and then begin all over again, perhaps in a different form.  This time is actually a gift to us all – a gift of time to create more of what we want in our businesses and in our personal lives. 

The opportunities now, for you as a business owner are many :

  • To become clearer on your vision
  • To become more streamlined – smoothing operations while reducing expenses
  • To give everyone the space to grow on a personal level (even when this means that there needs to be a parting of the ways)
  • To create a space that is gentle and nurturing, where you are supported and everyone else feels supported too.
  • To focus your business in a new direction or to redirect if you have gone off track
  • Can you think of any more?

 There are some things that are key at these times:

  • Be gentle – on yourself and your staff
  •  Listen – listen so that others feel heard (ask for support in this if you need it)
  • Take time – time to focus, time for clarity, time to make decisions
  • Make sure that you have support – you don’t need to be alone.  There are many ways of ensuring that you are supported, particularly emotionally.  We often forget this one and then wonder why we are feeling so burned out!
  • Plan and strategise – use this time to plan for something greater, something more aligned with your values.  Things won’t return to our previous normal – there is no reason why they can’t be a whole lot better on all levels – we get to determine that!

It is time!!!

Watch this space! I will be exploring and expanding on many of the ideas just touched on above!  We each have the power to make this a hell of a challenging time or to make it a time of unfurling, of growth, of expanding, of connecting and creating in a whole new way!

If you would like some support either on a personal or a business level, have a look at my website (https://thebraintrainer.co.za/) and see what I am offering.  Or you are welcome to contact me at info@thebraintrainer.co.za

Take care of yourself – be safe!


It is time...

It is time… It is a time of huge change.. . it is a time of upheaval... It is a time of pain... It is a time of healing...  And most importa...